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Secrets to Victorious Living 

We invite you to connect with Lucia Claborn as she shares Who I Am In Christ – Part 1. She will explain how friends, family, associates, even you, have an opinion of who you are, and have placed labels on you!  However, she will look into the mirror of God’s Word, and help you discover what God says about you.  Are you a sinner saved by Grace, or are you the Righteousness of God? Join Lucia and discover Who You Are in Christ!  Discover God’s not mad at you; He’s mad about you!

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About Lucia Claborn…


Welcome to the Secrets to Victorious Living Podcast!

Your show-host is Lucia Claborn.  Lucia uses her spiritual gift of encouragement to fulfill her purpose of bringing encouragement not only to the body of Christ, but anyone that’s searching for peace, comfort, encouragement and empowerment.  Lucia’s goal is to help you discover who you are in Christ; who God created you to be; help you find purpose, freedom, and fulfillment so you can live the victorious life you were created to live.

She will help you by creating a deeper understanding and revelation of God’s Word and is dedicated to helping you grow in your faith by understanding the power and authority a born-again Christian possesses; the creative power of the spoken word; and the power contained in confessing and believing the Word of God.  Lucia believes that in life, every ending is a new beginning! 

About Lucia Claborn…


Lucia is the wife of Danny Claborn for 25 plus years, and is the mother/mother-in-love to six grown children: Daniel (25) married to Magen; McKenzie (24); Emily (22) married to Tyler Mitchell; and Katie (20).  She has recently become a Grammy to Brantley.


Lucia lives in North Alabama with her family and has been a writer/editor for 40-plus years having been published in countless newspapers and magazines.  She has authored several books, appeared on many radio programs, and communicates the messages of faith and God’s unfailing love. Lucia has shared these messages with individuals and churches in the states and abroad.


Although Lucia believes her greatest accomplishments are becoming a born-again Christian and fulfilling the call God has on her life; her 25-year marriage and wonderful family; she is also blessed to be called a veteran because of her 21 years of military service. Lucia would like to invite you to her website,, where you will find articles and confessions to build your faith.


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