Secrets to Victorious Living

The Authority of the Believer

God created us to reflect His image and as the reflection of the Creator, we have His creative power on the inside of us. When we put God’s Word in our mouths and mix it with our faith, those words release creative power into our circumstances enabling us to maintain a higher level of living.

 We’re seated in heavenly places with Jesus Christ, and we have authority over the devil and evil spirits through Jesus and His Name.  Our fight with the devil should always be with the awareness that we have authority over him because Jesus has defeated him for us.  The devil’s weakest moment is when you turn to face him, and as you resist him, he’ll flee from you. Read More.

Arise! Change Your Position

Today is your day! It’s a day to decide God Word is true and that it will work for you in your life.

You can rise to a higher level and change your life.  It’s time to activate God’s power by suing your measure of faith in God’s Word to blast away every obstacle that blocking your path so you can find your ay out of the valley you’re in today!

It’s time to find a clear path into the high places of God’s blessings that He’s specifically created for you.  It’s time to get on the road to victorious living today.  Read More.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

The Law of Seedtime and Harvest, or some call it Sowing and Reaping, comes directly from God’s Word, which is full of creative power!

As you release words in faith, the power in the spoken Word works for you! However, many people are speaking words of fear and failure; speaking most often of a depressed economy, lack of jobs or challenges with the jobs they have, financial lack, health challenges they or their children are having, or troubles they face on a daily basis. They’re saying what they have and having what they say. Read More.

Speak to the Mountain — Attack Your Lack!

 The most urgent problem facing us today is: How to get our spiritual, financial, and physical needs met while we’re here on earth, on our way to heaven.

Our needs change from time to time, but the fact of life is that when one need is met, another need presents itself. We’re never without a need and the current need challenges our walk with the Lord and taxes our ability to go through life successfully.

When this need is not being met in a way that give some breathing room, some peace of mind, some evidence that we’re going to make it, there’s a feeling of giving up. Frustration rises inside us because the need just won’t go away.  Read More.

Faith That Delivers

Have you tucked your dreams away? Rocked them to sleep and tucked them into bed in a dimly lit room inside your heart? You don’t want to think about them any more because the pain of not seeing your dreams come to pass hurts too bad.

So instead of keeping your dreams alive, you’ve let them die quietly where you’ve tucked them inside your heart….in that dark quiet corner, where no one else can see them.

I want to encourage you to wake up your dreams. You can do it one of two ways….you can either, go in and wake them up gently, dust them off and resurrect them, or you can go in and yank them out of the bed, shake the dust off and command them to live! It’s your choice! Read More.

Healing Belongs to Me

God wants His children completely free, and He wants us to be healthy and enjoy life. If you have sickness and disease attacking you or your children and robbing your families of money, joy, and peace, I’d like to remind you of what John 10:10 says “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly.”
God didn’t send His Son, Jesus Christ, to destroy people. He sent Jesus to destroy the works of the devil according to 1 John 3:8. God sent His Son to seek and save the lost as He tells us in Luke 19:10, and He sent Jesus to deliver us and set us free from sickness, despondency, and despair. Read More.


Prosperity – Exercise Your Faith

True prosperity is the ability to meet the needs of mankind in any realm of life. Wealth and power can’t answer every need.Money makes a lousy god! It can go a long way toward buying health and preventing sickness, but the world’s system of healing isn’t good enough to heal your body when there’s sickness and disease attacking it.

In the mental realm, a person can have all the facts in his head and not have the ability to use that knowledge to obtain the money or the health that he needs.

There’s only one thing that will produce the health you’re looking for regarding spiritual, mental, and physical prosperity. God’s Word is what brings prosperity to all these areas.  Read More.

Love – The Glue That Holds It All Together

God only has one thing in mind for you and that is to give you life and life more abundantly. He’s already called you an over-comer! But you can’t have the abundant life if you’re harboring offense in your heart.

You overcome offenses by staying focused on God’s Word and doing what He tells you to do in His Word. Remember that in any offending situation, your will is involved. You’ve got to make a choice on how you handle the offense.

Remind yourself that God forgave your greatest debt of sin so you should be able to forgive someone else. And the third step is to walk in love. In order to obey the law of Jesus, you must love your neighbor as yourself. Read More.

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