About Lucia Claborn

Like most people, Lucia has encountered many challenges in her life. However, she has learned how to overcome those trials to ensure complete satisfaction of victory in every situation. Before she learned to rely completely on the power of Jesus Christ and make His Word the final authority in her life, she turned to family and friends to find answers.

She joined the military for security and upon retirement realized that her security was gone. A move from Idaho to Alabama removed her from the familiarity of her comfort zone and put her in a position to rely completely on the power of Jesus. When she hit rock bottom in her finances and marriage relationship, she found the everlasting arms of Jesus holding her. Lucia’s defining moment came when she realized God was all she needed; He was her source of supply, and more than enough to meet her every need.She now knows that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and He will be the same tomorrow.

Lucia is firmly rooted in the fact that Jesus came to bring her Good News. She was sick, and learned she didn’t have to be sick any more; she was broke, and realized she didn’t have to be broke any more; she was down and out and discovered she could live a victorious life through the authority of Jesus name.

She believes the spoken word has power since God spoke the world into existence, and then gave it to man to take dominion, and rule and reign over it. We too, can speak our world into existence by mixing our words with faith and believing in the power of Jesus Christ to move upon our word and bring them to pass.

Lucia wants to encourage others with the fact that they, too, can walk in victory if they will change their negative words of defeat into positive, faith-filled confessions. Whatever the mountain is your life, you can overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony.

Lucia began writing more than 28 years ago. She pursued a journalism career in the military and eventually the civilian market. She has been published in several newspapers, magazines and periodicals, and has found her security rests on and in Jesus Christ, and this is where her true joy and happiness lies.

Lucia lives in Alabama and is married to her (earthly) best friend, Danny. They have four children, Daniel, McKenzie, Emily and Katie.

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