Are you looking for encouragement today to overcome your life’s challenges and situations?

We invite you to connect with Lucia at the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network as she shares secrets to living the victorious life God created you to live!  By clicking the title, you will be taken to the first podcast in the series.  Once you listen to the first topic, click on Home, then click on Lucia’s Secrets to Victorious Living icon to take you to her complete podcast listing.  Her topics include the:

Who I Am In Christ Series – She explains how friends, family, associates, even you, have an opinion of who you are, and everyone has placed labels on you!  However, she will look into the mirror of God’s Word, and help you discover what God says about you.  Are you a sinner saved by Grace, or are you the Righteousness of God?  You are a joint-heir with Jesus, and victory belongs to you because you are righteous.  You may be unfaithful at times; however, God is true to His Word and He is always faithful!

Authority Series – As a born-again child of God, God’s given you power and authority to enforce Satan’s defeat in your life! Do you know what your God-given authority is and why you have it? Do you know how to use your authority?  Lucia answers these questions and explains the authority that belongs to you once you make Jesus Lord of your life.  She will teach you that you have authority, or power, over Satan’s tactics against your life, and you can enforce his defeat in every area of your life!

Benefits of a Thankful Heart Series – You can make a lasting difference in your life by choosing every day, to give God thanks. When you have a heart of thanksgiving, you realize that no matter what you face, God doesn’t just work to change your situations and help you through your problems, instead He changes your heart in the process. His power, through your heart of gratitude and a mind focused on Him, releases the grip struggles have over you. You’re strengthened by His peace, and you’re refueled by His joy.

God’s Drawn to Movement Series – You have permission to get out of your box of limitations!  It doesn’t matter in life how good or bad your past has been, today’s the day to forget your past and press on toward your future and your upward call in Jesus.  God’s given you His Word, His authority and Holy Spirit to change your life for the better.  It’s your move to set things into action so you can live the victorious life God created you to live!