“Every God-begotten person conquers the world’s ways. The conquering power that brings the world to its knees is our faith.” (1 John 5:4, The Message Bible) I never tire of teaching and talking about faith, and what a great topic to stir you up about faith the first of the year!

No matter the circumstance or situation in your life today; the desires of your heart; or the secret dreams you are hoping will come to pass this year – faith is what will bring them into manifestation! It’s not begging, whining or crying that will bring them on the scene. It is simply your faith!

It doesn’t matter if it didn’t come yesterday or the day before yesterday! It is getting up today and confessing the promise of God you are standing on to get your manifestation of what you’re expecting.

Faith is an action. It’s not moved by what you see, what you hear, or what you feel. It’s not being moved by what your five senses are telling you. Faith is saying “Thank You!” no matter what you are facing in the natural realm.

Faith believes in your heart that what God said in His Word is true and that He is faithful to complete it, no matter how long it takes – it will come to pass. Your faith in God and His Word (because they are one in the same) is the power that enables you to simply say “Thank You!” in advance of a manifestation. Faith is what gives you the confidence to say “Thank You!”

We all need to build our faith and the only way to do that is by hearing the Word of God. Romans 10:17 reminds us that “… faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” You may think you know the Word, but when you hear it another time, that may be the exact time that it drops down into your heart and you have divine revelation that changes your life!

Your faith will change your world! It will bring a manifestation into your life of what God has already done for you. It will bring a manifestation of healing, finances, peace, joy, victory, a new job, clothes, deliverance for loved ones, promotion – you choose what you need in your life and exercise your faith! Be like Abraham, the Father of Faith, and say “Thank You!” because you know in whom you have believed! God is Faithful!