Let Peace Rule

“And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from the Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts – deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds…And be thankful – appreciative, give praise to God always.” Colossians 3:15, the Amplified Bible.

I was so thankful because I’ve not always been led by peace. I’ve not allowed peace to be my guide. In the past, I would have an uneasiness in my spirit but would go forward anyway, causing challenges in my life instead of waiting on the right time to move forward.

I’m so thankful for the inner leading of the Holy Spirit – the subtle sense of uneasiness or peace that He gives us – that helps us in making daily decisions.

It’s not always been easy to sense his leading. Like many others, I’ve had to learn to learn how to watch and listen for His gentle guidance. Since the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, very seldom does He ever overpower you with His leading. He is very subtle when He speaks and it is as if there is a just an inward knowing of what you are supposed to do. That is why we have to get still and be quiet so we can listen with our inward man, instead of being pre-occupied with the things of this world.

A great example of worldly distractions is strife! Every day we have the opportunity to step into strife and miss what the Holy Spirit is telling us. He is always talking to us; however, sometimes we get too distracted to listen to what He’s saying!

As we stay in peace and maintain an attitude of gratitude, it will be much easier to be led by the Holy Spirit.

We recently made a move, not only in the natural but in the spiritually. On more than one occasion after we made the decision to move, I began to question our decision. I would go to God and every time we would talk about it, I would come away with an overwhelming peace in my heart that we were making the right decision.