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Whatever the mountain is in your life, you can overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and He will be the same tomorrow.  He changes not! As you read and meditate on the Word of God and speak the daily faith confessions, your faith will grow. Also, as you confess God’s Word, it will not return unto Him void, but will accomplish what it is sent to do.

God desires His children to walk in total victory, know His will (His Word), and bear much fruit in their lives. As you travel through the pages of Lucia’s books, her prayer is that you grow in God’s wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and faith; and that you realize He has already given you the ability to live a victorious life.

We are excited about what God is doing in the lives of His people today and want to hear how God’s Word has helped you, delivered you, changed your circumstances and given you the victory!

Please take a moment to share your victory testimony with Lucia,, as to how God has blessed you, set you free, and given you the victory!

A Note From Joie

My dear, darling friend.  Have you seen Cindy’s newest mommy homework? Well, I just answered it and wanted to let you know you had something to do with it.  The mommy homework has to do with the one thing you’d change that would change everything.

I talked about that session with you and Cindy in your first Victorious Living series when something was said about our worth, and I said I was kinda piddly and would it still apply to me.  You and Cindy were instrumental in pointing out that in Papa’s eyes NO ONE is piddly. (Please remember that in Texas,  a piddly person is someone who’s unimportant, not worth much attention, or almost invisible to others……NOT a bathroom function!!!!!)

So I wanted to let you know how precious you are to me for conveying to me my worth in Christ. Having grown up hearing that I was ‘different’ and ‘unique’ (or more often weird) you’re teaching on my worth in Christ was mind boggling.  And life changing.  Having not been able to be at much of any of Cindy’s things this year, I’ve missed you deeply.  And I wanted you to know how dear I hold you as a friend, and how precious you are to me.  Life here is overflowing with taking care of others at the moment (along with football season!!!!!) and homeschooling Little Critter while trying to clear the clutter, budget to be debt free within a year and trying to keep some time for me to spend alone with Papa.

But, I now know my worth, and never again will I go back to thinking I’m piddly.  So I thank you for that Sweetie.  I keep up with what’s going on thru the Let’s Get Real site and Cindy’s desktop.  I’ve even started a blog (sorta) on the Heart of Wisdom site.  But I hope to start a blog of my own once I figure out what it would be on……I’m thinking how to juggle elderly/ill parents, kids, homeschooling, being a wife/supporter to your husband and caring for the lost, homeless and searching without loosing your mind!

What do ya think? OK, maybe the title is too long…..well, I’ll keep it on the back burner till I come up with a better idea.  Just know I miss you and pray for you daily when I read my bible verses from you.  You are a jewel and I just know Papa is SO proud of you Sweetie.

Shalom, Joie

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